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"Introducing Odee Dickens and Qwiznibet Square Junction"©

Written by: Daniel Tostenson 

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"Hornsby, Henrietta and Homemade Sloppy Joes"©

Written by: Daniel Tostenson

Hornsby tells of when he and Henrietta first met,
That it was love at first sight the day his heart took flight;
a feeling he would not soon forget!

Hornsby & Henrietta Diner

Other Books Written by: Daniel Tostenson

"A Future's Present Dream"©
Written by: Daniel Tostenson

It was late afternoon at Stone Gate, an orphan’s boarding school. Young William had just been scolded and sat in the corner upon a stool. Now William was a good young lad, there could be no other conclusion. His heart was not to do anything bad, but his head caused some confusion! He had once more been caught in a daydream, adrift in an oblivious stare. For when his teacher called on him he was clearly unaware.

"Maguffy and the Duck"©
Written by: Daniel Tostenson

A successful hunter Chester was not.

Though from his hunting excursions much humor was wrought!


For as hard as he tried, Chester had just awful luck,

And he could never get the best of his elusive nemesis, THE DUCK!

"Cookie Dunking in Milk Day"©
Written by: Daniel Tostenson


It was a special day for Qwiznibet Square,

The proclamation came from the Mayor’s chair.


“Cookie Dunking in Milk Day” was the official decree.

A day to welcome new Qwiznibetans, whomever they may be.

"When Abrielle Came to Town"©
Written by: Daniel Tostenson


It was an ordinary day no different than another,

The people of Qwiznibet remembered it to be just like any other.


Off in the distance a familiar whistle blew,

The 5:30 train would soon arrive, that was ordinary too.


But what no one could have known, on board that day

Was an extraordinary French Friesian, Abrielle Dunay!

"Odee Dickens: Where the Magic Came From"©
Written by: Daniel Tostenson


It all began some years ago, when Odee was still quite young.

‘Twas a Christmas Eve his life thus changed, after the midnight bell had rung.


Odee, retiring for the night, prepared for his repose

When he heard a sudden knocking, who it was he couldn’t suppose….

"Did You Ever Hear About Flibber T.  Gibbett?"©
Written by: Daniel Tostenson


Did you ever hear about Flibber T. Gibbett

Who came around one day to Qwiznibet?


He’d talk and he’d talk but the people would say

He talked about absolutely nothing all day!

"Mr. Tibbets' Biographical Tale"©
Written by: Daniel Tostenson


It was the talk of the town down at the “Tortoise Shell,”

as the patrons were sipping their coffee and tea.

“Did you hear the news?” one said to another, oh dear…oh my… oh me!


New young ones had hatched just the other day down at the maternity,

But it was one of the last to break out of its shell that so upset this fraternity.

Written by: Daniel Tostenson

If there was ever a word that’s never been heard what would it sound like?  What might it be?


Well, here’s one to mention, a Qwiznibet invention,

It’s FiddledyDiddledyDuddledyDee!

Qwiznibet Creators, Daniel & Jeanette Tostenson
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